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LSX Concepts LSA Race Drive

UPDATE 2/5/2017 The Race Drive is now in production ( Click Here )


For those of you paying attention here’s a little peak at what we have cooking, this is our LSA Race Drive. It will support virtually any overdrive pulley combination.

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9 thoughts on “LSX Concepts LSA Race Drive

  1. Please add me to the list for your “race drive” .

    1. You have been added to the list

  2. please add me to the list for your “race drive” Thanks

    1. You are on the list

  3. I already have your LSA supercharger accessory drive, as well as Alt and power steering brackets. Will this integrate with them and allow me to run a smaller upper pulley? Or does this system utilize a two belt system?

    1. Hi Kris,

      This is designed to be more of a hardcore race unit to be run in place of our high performance self tensioning unit. and it does use a separate 8 rib belt like the self tensioning unit does. and yes, it will allow any overdrive pulley combination.

  4. I will love to know as soon the LSA RACE READY, is ready for sale. If you send me an invoice and date as when should be ready. I will love to make the payment now. So I can be one of the first one to have you product. Thank you so much.

    1. We have added you to our list to notify when we officially start taking orders Robert. And thank you for the interest in our products.

  5. let me know when ready. Thanks

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