CNC Custom Parts


Are you looking to have a custom part designed and/or built for you LS Swap?  We can build just about any custom part you can imagine.  We can design and print 3D prototypes for fit and trim and then build the real one’s too. 

LSX Concepts is a custom parts design shop using the latest CAD, that’s computer aided design with computer generated 3D modeling and 3D printing.   LSX Concepts can fabricate by using conventional lathes, mills and more for single parts.  LSX Concepts is also fully automated with CAM processing for quantity production, that’s computer aided machining used for our CNC Milling centers and CNC turning centers with bar feeders.

We have a library of GM 3D engine models and more for reference.  We can take your design idea and make it a reality.  Contact us today and let us know what you need.