Instructions - Holley LSA High-Mount A/C Idler Relocation Bracket - 508/709 Compressor

Kit Contents - LSX-LSAHR-508SF

  • C5 Corvette Tensioner with 50MM Pulley
  • Front & Rear Relocation Bracket
  • 2 x M10-1.50x90MM Hex Head Screws
  • 1 x M10-1.5x55MM Hex Head Screw
  • Short & Long Spacer
  1. Remove the AC Compressor Tensioner and upper idler Pulley and the most upper right bolt holding the AC bracket to the head closest to the supercharger. 

  2. Using one of the M10x90MM Head bolts and a washer install the rear Support bracket with the short spacer in the upper bolt hole. Leave it slightly loose enough to move the bracket to align with the front bracket when it is installed.

  3. Bench assemble the front bracket using the long spacer M10x90MM bolt and the short M10x50MM bolt as shown

  4. Install the front bracket onto the AC bracket aligning the small bolt with the original location of the idler pulley and the long bolt with the rear support bracket and install the nylon lock nut on the back of the M10x90MM screw. You will need an open end wrench to tighten the lower M10 screw holding the rear support bracket.

  5. Install the Belt tensioner with the 50MM pulley that was included in your kit. Tighten down all the 10MM screws as per the Holley Kits original instructions

  6. Install your serpentine belt and ensure the belt has the indicator on the tensioner arm is between the two indicators closest to full tension.
  7. Install your LSA supercharger drive as per its instructions