LS Brackets and LS Accessory Drive Systems

LSX Concepts LS engine swap accessory drive brackets are designed for your LS engine swap into classic muscle cars, trucks, and pro-touring g-machines. Water-jet profiled and precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum.

About LS engine swap belt spacing

LS brackets are available in 3 different belt to block offsets. The 3 belt offsets are based on the distance from the 6 rib serpentine belt pulley to the front of the block. The names of the offset distances are commonly come from which major vehicles groups the engines are originally coming from for your LSX engine swap project.

‘Corvette’, or ‘short’ spacing, is the shortest of the 3 LS belt offsets and is also the same spacing used for the ZL1/CTS-V LSA superchargers. Corvette/short is one of the most common belt spacing’s used for LS accessory drive systems. The next largest belt to block spacing is commonly referred to as ‘F-Body/GTO’ or ‘mid’ spacing. The longest of the 3 LS belt offsets is ‘Camaro ’10+/Truck’, or ‘long’ spacing.

If you are starting from scratch and your engine does not have a balancer/crank pulley, we highly recommend using the Corvette/short spacing in your LS engine swap as it keeps the accessory drive components closest to the block and away from the radiator.

Still not sure which spacing you need? Check out this handy little guide to explain in detail how to measure your engine balancer. click here

LSA accessory drive kits can be found in the ‘Corvette’ section