DSX Tuning Billet LSA Supercharger Lid

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NOTE: THESE LIDS REQUIRE THE USE OF A CTS-V LSA BRICK! C&R bricks are also compatible, but must be the CTS-V LSA version. The brick is not included.

These LSA specific supercharger covers are intended to reuse all factory components. Lids come anodized black, and they include a new factory flange seal as well as brick seal. The inside of the lid has been contoured to provide smooth airflow transitions both out of the blower and into the supercharger mating surface. The lid is a combination of the ZL1 factory lid and CTS-V factory lid, so there is ample volume, and the rear cylinders are open. These lids include a water manifold that is specific to the lid and features 12ORB connections to adapt to whatever you may need. This lid is intended to fit a CTS-V without interference with the hood and will place the water lines in the exact same spot as a ZL1 lid. These will NOT fit a Camaro ZL1 due to the rear height of the lid (it will interfere with the cowl).

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