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Lingenfelter GM LS Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Locator Tool - RENTAL
Lingenfelter GM LS Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Locator Tool - RENTAL
Lingenfelter GM LS Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Locator Tool - RENTAL

Lingenfelter GM LS Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Locator Tool - RENTAL

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This item is for a 14 day rental of a Lingenfelter GM LS Cylinder Head Dowel Pin Locator Tool. The 14 day period will start when the package shows as delivered and will end once the item has been dropped off at a shipping facility.  

A Free Return Shipping label and package is Included! Just hand it off to the USPS when you are finished. The day the tracking number shows the package is received by the carrier is the day the rental ends.

Need an Extra Day? No problem, each extra day of rental is just $5.00

It will require a security deposit amount of a new tool prior to shipment in the event the tool is not returned. It will be refunded less the rental fee of 25.00 and any additional days after the item has been received back. Also note any damages are the responsibility of the renter and will be deducted for the rental fee in the event of damage.

The deposit covers most of the kit but ultimately the renter is responsible for the cost of the kit and any fees if it is not returned or returned damaged.

RENTAL FEE: $20.00
DEPOSIT: $154.95
SHIPPING: $12.00 (additional shipping Includes Return Shipping Label and Package, price included in item price)

Choose USPS First Class for 4.00 @ checkout, item will ship via Priority Mail

NOTE: No Shipping will be charged during checkout and no upgrading shipping options will be available

Upon return of the tool you will be refunded the full charge of the deposit of $154.95



On LSA, LS9, LS3, and L92 cylinder heads, GM places a dowel pin on the intake manifold and a matching dowel hole on the cylinder head itself. The location of this dowel pin will be different depending on whether the engine is supercharged like the LSA & LS9 or naturally aspirated like the LS3 & L92.

The LPE cylinder head dowel pin locator tool can be used to precisely position and drill a new dowel pin hole in a different position. For example, this tool could be used on naturally aspirated LS3 heads to allow for the installation of a LSA or LS9 supercharger, or the tool could be used when installing LSA/LS9 heads on an engine with an LS3 or L92 intake manifold.

This tool works not only for the 4 cylinder heads mentioned above, but for virtually any GM rectangular port cylinder head, including LY6 truck heads.

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