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Magnuson 2650 Heavy Duty 12 Rib MagDrive

Magnuson 2650 Heavy Duty 12 Rib MagDrive


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The Magnuson 2650 Heavy Duty 12 Rib MagDrive design is specifically for the LSA 12 Rib pulley configuration of the Magnuson LS3/LSA TVS2650 Hot Rod kit and is based on our original LSA Race Drive Kit for the LSA/Zl1

The Magnuson TVS2650 MagDrive kit supports High Mount A/C for muscle cars wanting to run A/C without chassis modifications using the LSX Concepts High Mount A/C kit with Corvette spacing.

The unique MagDrive pulley positions are optimized to provide extreme belt wrap to avoid slippage under heavy loads during racing and extreme usage.


Installation Requirements:

  • Magnuson GM LS3/LSA TVS2650 Supercharger Hot Rod Kit part Number 05-00-26-153-BL with the 'LSA Drive' configuration
  • Griptec Upper Supercharger Pulley
  • LSA/ZL1 Water Pump (80MM)
  • ATI 98554 Damper with a bolt on 12 Rib Pulley
  • On engines not running LSX Concepts high mount A/C a C5 Corvette belt tension ACDelco Part Number 38328 or equivalent is required for the main 6 rib drive belt


  • Triple redundant mounting greatly reducing drive system flexing under high boost loads. 
  • LSX Concepts newly developed Billet Double Bearing 73MM Idler Pulleys. 
  • Provides maximum belt wrap with a 12 ribbed belt. 
  • Rigid Belt Tension Design proven on our “RaceDrive” with our own unique tension setter. 
  • Compatible with GM’s Corvette pulley spacing that use our High Mount A/C and Alternator and Power Steering Bracket Kits. 
  • Also Compatible with GM Factory and Aftermarket Corvette Spaced Accessory drive kits with or without low mount A/C. 

What's Included:

  • 4ea.  73MM Billet Aluminum Double Bearing Pulleys (2 - 12 rib, and 2 - 12 rib smooth idler pulleys) 
  • Front and rear Magdrive mounting plates with all required hardware
  • Belt Tension adjustment tool
  • Dayco Belt Tension Measuring Gauge 

Optional Required Items:

  • ATI Damper with Steel Hub - 918854/918859
  • 12 Rib Crank Pulley - 8.950 12.5% Overdrive crank pulley
  • Griptec 12 Rib 80MM LSA Offset Pulley
  • Gates FleetRunner Heavy Duty Micro-V Belt - 12 Rib

Additional Info:

Overdrive Info:

The Magnuson 2650 Hot Rod supercharger can easily be over driven using different Gilmer drive pulleys at the back of the supercharger. Superchargers from Magnuson come standard with a 32/34 pulley set that provide a 7% Overdrive or 21% Overdrive combined with our 12.5% crank, pulleys other gilmer pulleys range in sizes of 30-38 are available in 2 tooth increments and we have listed the most common OD ratios below

8.950 12 Rib Lower Crank Pulley (Gates 10 Rib FleetRunner Heavy Duty Micro-V Belt - 65.8)

  • 32T - 30T * 12.5 = 7% OD
  • 32T - 34T * 12.5 = 19% OD
  • 30T - 32T * 12.5 = 21% OD
  • 32T - 36T * 12.5 = 26% OD
  • 30T - 36T * 12.5 = 34% OD
  • 30T - 38T * 12.5 = 42% OD

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Mike R.
Incredible Enginnering

I can't believe how well this kit is engineered, it looks incredible in my Camaro.