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Magnuson 2650 Supercharger 50MM Gilmer High Mount Accessory Drive (ALT)

Magnuson 2650 Supercharger 50MM Gilmer High Mount Accessory Drive (ALT)


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When you need all the Boost......

This kit is geared towards Drag Racers and Performance enthusiasts seeking Maximum horsepower with 0 belt slip, and true die-hard's who love the classic sound and style of the old GMC Gilmer drive blowers

Installation Requirements:

The following items are required to install the LSX Concepts Magnuson 2650 Gilmer Drive Kit but can be purchased separately

  • ATI LSA/ZL1 Super Damper
    • you will need an aftermarket Damper that will accept a bolt on pulley to the front of the damper using corvette spacing (ATI Part Number #918854)
  • LSA/ZL1 Water Pump
    • you will need an factory GM LSA/ZL1 water pump part number 19180610


  • Double shear idler pulley mounting greatly reducing idler pulley axle flexing.
  • zero belt slip
  • Supports up to 13 different overdrive pulley combinations in combination with the rear Gilmer pulleys driving the supercharger
  • Supports both standard deck and tall deck applications including blocks with manifold spacers.
  • Compatible with our Corvette Spacing High Mount A/C and Alternator and Power Steering Bracket Kits

What's Included:

  • Billet Aluminum Upper and Lower LSA Gilmer Pulleys (available in three overdrive ratio's)
  • Multiple Idler Pulleys and double shear plates with mounting brackets and attachment hardware
  • 8MM HTD 50MM Wide Drive Belt
  • Alternator Bracket Kit
  • GM Alternator
  • GM 6 Rib Belt Tensioner
  • 6 Rib Serpentine Belt (Drives Alternator & Water Pump)
  • Stainless Steel A2 - Valley Cover bolt kit
  • Stainless Steel A2 - Timing Cover bolt kit
  • Stainless Steel A2 - Water pump Bolt kit
  • Stainless Steel A2 - LSA Lid and Throttle Body bolt Kit

Supercharger NOT Included

Proudly Made in The USA....

Over Drive Combinations

Over Drive is obtained using a combination of the Lower Crank Pulley and The Magnuson Gilmer pulleys on the back of the supercharger

Front Jackshaft Pulley X Crank Pulley Rear Blower Pulley Rear Jackshaft Pulley Overdrive SC Speed @6500RPM
30T X 78T 34 32 6% Underdriven 16,225
30T X 78T 32 34 6%
30T X 78T 32 36 13%
30T X 78T 30 36 20%
30T X 78T 30 38 27%
30T X 86T 32 34 18%
30T X 86T 32 36 25%
30T X 86T 30 36 33%
30T X 86T 30 38 * 41%
* 23,900
30T X 94T 32 34 32%
30T X 94T 32 36 * 40%
* 23,660
30T X 94T 30 36 * 49%
* 25,200
30T X 94T 30 38 * 57%
* 26,550

* Pulley ratios above 35% should only be used in applications with lower maximum engine speeds (below 6500 RPM)

* Supercharger speeds above 23,000 RPM are not recommended

FAQ's Q: Can I get a smaller upper pulley for the supercharger? A: Unfortunately no, due to the size of the jack-shaft the smallest upper pulley we can use is a 30T which is equivalent to a 3.00 pulley.