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Magnuson TVS2650 10 Rib MagDrive High Mount Accessory Drive (ALT,PS)

Magnuson TVS2650 10 Rib MagDrive High Mount Accessory Drive (ALT,PS)

LSX Concepts

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Magnuson TVS2650 10 Rib MagDrive High Mount Accessory Drive (ALT,PS)

This kit was engineered for high performance street ,strip and track use with High Mount accessories for your muscle car

The Magnuson 2650 Heavy Duty 10 Rib MagDrive design is specifically for the LSA 10 Rib pulley configuration of the Magnuson LS3/LSA TVS2650 Hot Rod kit and is based on our original LSA Race Drive Kit for the LSA/Zl1

Installation Requirements:

  • Magnuson GM LS3/LSA TVS2650 Hot Rod Kit
    part Number 05-00-26-153-BL with the 'LSA Drive - 10 Rib Pulley' configuration
  • Magnuson 57-05-10-080-BL Upper Supercharger Pulley
  • LSA/ZL1 Water Pump
  • ATI 98554 Damper with a bolt on 10 Rib Pulley

Package Deal Includes:
  • Heavy Duty MagDrive with Billet 10 Rib Double Bearing Pulleys (PN# )
  • Alternator / Power Steering Bracket Kit (PN# LSX-ALTPS-COR)
  • GM Alternator
  • Power Steering Pump Assembly With Pulley and -6/-10 AN Fittings (PN# LSX-6173B-137)
  • GM 6 Rib Belt Tensioner (PN# GATE-38328)
  • 6 Rib Serpentine Belt (Drives A/C, Power Steering, Alternator, Water Pump) (PN# DAY-6PK1995)
  • Stainless Steel A2 - Valley Cover bolt kit
  • Stainless Steel A2 - Timing Cover bolt kit
  • Stainless Steel A2 - Water pump Bolt kit
  • Stainless Steel A2 - LSA Lid and Throttle Body bolt Kit
Optional Items:
  • ATI Damper with Steel Hub - 918854
  • LSX Concepts 10 Rib Crank Pulley - 7.950 Dia.
  • Gates FleetRunner Heavy Duty Micro-V Belt - 10 Rib
Additional Info:
  • Magnuson TVS2650 - Link
  • How to use your Dayco Belt tension Gauge (Link)
  • Installation Instructions (Download)

Overdrive Info:

The Magnuson 2650 Hot Rod supercharger can easily be over driven using different Gilmer drive pulleys at the back of the supercharger. Superchargers from Magnuson come standard with a 32/34 pulley set that provide a 6% Under or Overdrive combination, pulleys in sizes of 30-38 are available in 2 tooth increments and we have listed the most common OD ratios below

  • 30T - 38T = 27% OD
  • 30T - 36T = 20% OD
  • 32T - 36T = 13% OD
  • 32T - 34T = 6% OD
  • 34T - 32T = 6% UD (default)

If you need more overdrive than what is available using the Magnuson Gilmer pulley give us a call and we can work with you to come up with a usable solution