LSA Swap Heat Exchanger - 24 x 12 - PWR

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LSA Swap Heat Exchanger - 24 x 12

This Heat Exchanger uses the PWR 42mm core vs the stock ZL1 19mm core. Mounts the same as the factory ZL1 unit and uses factory hardware and hoses. Recommended for up to 1000 hp or hot climates. Recommend using a factory coolant or equivalent.


  • 42MM Core (2.210)
  • 24 wide X 12.02 Tall
  • 27.61 Overall width (mounting flange edge to edge)
  • 3/4 Barb fittings


  • Stops heat soak
  • Recommended for hot climates
  • Lower IAT’S for higher HP and torque
  • Keeps the engine from going into limp mode
  • Perfect for factory or aftermarket superchargers

Available with our exclusive Twin SPAL Fan Package,

This is a custom bracket set we produce adding two 10 inch SPAL fans to an already efficient heat exchanger. (Note this fan package will add 3 inches to the width of the heat exchanger and will not fit the ZL1 Camaro or CTS-V chassis This option will add 1-2 weeks to your delivery as the heat exchanger will have to have the fan kit installed in house.

This fan kit is not available separate and must be ordered at the same time as ordering the heat exchanger.