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10/12 Rib Flex Drives for LSA Offset Superchargers

Customer Reviews


This @lsxconcepts Flex Drive 10 rib has been a GAMECHANGER for this car! Zero belt picked up some power, dedicated blower belt got rid of surging I had with single belt setup, and the Drive bundle with all accessories works flawlessly together!! Highly recommended!!


I cannot stress enough, if you want it reliable. Use a dedicated belt drive setup. Don’t cheap out. I learned the hard way on a single but then switched to LSX Concepts Flex Drive and it has been performing flawlessly. Been using this as my daily. Around 8 psi @snedenwerks

Brad S.- B.S. Garage YouTube

Great Kit after trying to make a competitors kit fit, i came across LSX Concepts. Ditched the dingo and couldn't be happier! The fitment is great and i haven't had any belt slip issues. great packaging and instructions! very easy to install. just takes a little time to get the belt tensioned properly would highly recommend

Jake F.

We were having a blower belt problem on the UMI Performance LeMans and LSX Concepts immediatley solved it. 7500 RPM up and down all day on the road course and auto-x. Excellent product!

Ramey Womer - UMI Performance

I like how simple and clean looking this kit is. Trying to to clean up the appearance of their hot rod or street rod.

Michael R.

Incredible setup! With service to back it! So so glad I spent the extra money on this! Almost went LS simple.... then I read all the negative reviews.... looked at a few others... limited on lower pulley size. This one has everything I needed and looked incredible at that! The engineering is top notch! 3 years running on the same belts at 800whp and 12k miles!! And still holding the same boost as when I put it on. I think I adjusted it just 1 time after the belt broke in and havnt touched it since! Also I had a slight order mishap when I got everything. Sent them a message and fixed it right away! And before I purchased they answered all my questions very professional and accurate! 10/10 would recommend to anyone. It costs a little more..... but it takes all the headaches away. Bolt on and drive!!!

Dustin B.