What Belt Offset Do I Need?

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The GM Gen III/IV LS engines come in three belt-to-block offsets, All of the LSX Concepts Kits use Corvette offset. if your engine has any other offset you will need to replace the water pump and crank pulley to use any of our kits

Corvette* : Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V LSA, Pontiac G8
F-Body/GTO: Camaro and Firebird ('98-'02), Pontiac GTO
Camaro 10+/Truck : Camaro '10+ / Truck / SUV

*Note: The ZL1/CTS-V LSA Pulley will have an 8 Rib pulley to drive the supercharger in the front of the factory 6 rib for driving the accessories, The ZL1 uses Corvette Belt Spacing

These three configurations vary by how far the serpentine belts are spaced from the front of the engine block. The Corvette is the most compact, the F-Body GTO is a little farther forward, and the truck engines have the belt spaced farthest away from the front of the engine block and is one rib off from the Factory 8 rib for the LSA supercharger.

You will need to measure to see which belt alignment spacing is on your engine, there are several ways to determine which type you have.

Application Method 1 Method 2
Corvette* 2-1/8" 1-1/2"
F-Body / GTO 2-15/16" 2/-1/4"
Camaro '10+ / Truck 3-11/16" 3"