Accessory Drive System Components Fitment FAQ's

General Questions

Q: Will the accessories off my pullout engine work with your brackets?
A: That really is a trick question since GM make so many different variations to all of their components used on engines over the years. and the answer typically is no, however there are some exceptions to that answer. We designed our drive systems to use commonly found accessory drive components. as long as the donor engine has those same style accessories they can be re-used. Here in this FAQ we will try our best explain which components can be used with our accessory drive brackets.

A/C Compressors

Q: Will my factory low mount A/C compressor fit your high mount a/c bracket?

A: If it’s a stock GM style compressor that bolts to the low passenger side of the engine block, than the answer is no, our a/c bracket is designed to fit the aftermarket Sanden compressor’s commonly used by Vintage Air and other aftermarket a/c system manufacturers using what is commonly referred to as the “8 Ear Long Flange” (square 4 bolt flange) as seen in the picture below

Partial List of Compatible A/C Compressor Part Numbers:
Sanden 4514 (SD508 series), 4522 (SD508 series), 4665 (SD7 series), or 9537 (508 series), 047002-MUR (sd508 Series), 047007 (SD709)

Power Steering Pumps

Q: Will my Power steering pump fit your alternator power steering bracket?
A: Our brackets are designed to use a remote reservoir style GM type II TC series power steering pump with threaded mounting bosses on engines using Corvette spacing. On engines running F-Body/GTO or Camaro 2010+/Truck Spacing you can use a pump without threaded mounting bosses

If you have a power steering pump with a clip on plastic reservoir it can be converted to a remote reservoir using one of our press in 90 pump fittings.

LINK: Press in 90 Degree Pump Fitting

LINK: Press in 90 Degree 10AN Pump Fitting

Q: My power steering pump fits your alternator/power steering bracket but two of the mounting holes are not threaded, what do I do?
A: You can drill and tap the pump body for 8MM helicoils (8mm Helicoil kits can be found online for around 10 dollars)


Q: Will my alternator will fit your brackets.

A: Most high mount GM alternators found on Trucks, SUV’s and Corvettes will fit our bracket with no issues, The alternator needs to have standard 2 inch (1.998) mounting bosses with either a 5.455 or 6.062 bolt pattern as shown in the image below


Compatible With most GM CS130D, AD230, AD237 and AD244 Series alternators that have the above bolt patterns

Known Fitment Issues:
There is a know fitment an issue with one standard style GM alternator that does not fit our bracket without modification due to the orientation of the housing.The housing bosses hit the bracket near the lower mounting bolt on the rear alternator bracket

This alternator is found on Cadillac (2007-2014), Chevrolet (2007-2014), GMC (2007-2014), Hummer (2008-2009) vehicles and has GM parts numbers 15093928, 15857608, 15905871, 25877026 associated with it. (see image below)

Got a question about fitment of an accessory that's not answered here? Send us a message and let us know and we will be happy to answer your question.

Last Updated: 09/30/2018