LSA Supercharger Flex Drive - 10/12 Rib (Jackshaft Drive Superchargers)

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Most compact LSA Drive on the market that uses a factory style LSA Tensioner and supports High Mount AC. will support power levels exceeding 1000+HP

NOT Compatible with Low Mount AC

Designed to drive LSA Jackshaft Drive Superchargers with LSA Offset (Jackshaft Style Drive)

  • Magnuson 2650 Hot Rod (LSA Offset)
  • 2.9 Universal WK-1810 Whipple Truck LS Supercharger (with custom offset pulley)
  • Got an LSA Offset Jackshaft Supercharger not listed?Contact Us

Installation Requirements (NOT INCLUDED IN KIT)

Additional Requirements for the Whipple WK-1810

  • 1/2 Manifold spacers required for the Whipple WK-1810 (supercharger has to be raised to clear the LSA/Zl1 water pump)
  • Accessories must use Corvette Offset
  • Compatible with Our High Mount AC
  • Compatible with Factory and aftermarket LSA Tensioners (Note with an ARS tensioner the maximum lower pulley size is 9.00) when using the ARS Tensioner Pulley
  • Belt can be installed with front cover removed
  • Double Shear Idler Bracket
  • Support's up to a 10.00 Lower Pulley with our 54MM Tensioner Pulley
  • Adjustable lower idler pulley allows for multiple belt lengths with same upper/lower crank pulley (provides up to 2.00 inches of belt length adjustment)
  • Unique cloverleaf indexable tensioner mount allows the LSA Belt tensioner to be rotated to put the tensioner is the sweet spot of the tensioner. (Eight .075 incremental adjustments on tensioner housing gauge. The thickness of a nickel)
  • Installs with no frame modifications on 60's/70's Muscle Cars
What's Included In The Kit
  • Billet Front and Rear Drive Plates
  • 10 Rib LSA Tensioner Pulley (64MM)
  • Three 73MM 10 Rib Idler Drive Pulleys
  • Low Mount Tensioner mount with our Cloverleaf adjuster (Side of Block Mount)
  • All required hardware to install

Recommended Power levels

  • 10 Rib - Up to 1000HP
  • 12 Rib 1000+HP

  • Instructions - Click here
  • Known/Proven Belt Combinations  Click here

10 Rib Crank Pulleys for the ATI 918859 & 918854 Harmonic Balancers

12 Rib Crank Pulleys for the ATI 918859 & 918854 Harmonic Balancers

10/12 Rib Upper Supercharger Pulleys

  • Custom ordered based on supercharger, Call to Order

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