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A sneak peek at the prototype for our OE (Original Equipment) Triple Adjustable Idler, which provides additional belt wrap on the upper pulley, has three positions for the lower idler pulley, which provides a 1/2 inch belt length adjustment for each position for a total of 1.5 inches of adjustment. Designed to be used with our "OE Flex Drive Tensioner Bracket" which has eight indexable positions for the tensioner, which provide an additional 1.5 inches of adjustment.

This system is designed for late-model chassis running the standard OEM belt routing for the LSA supercharger with low mount or no AC while providing almost 3 inches of adjustability for belt length. You will no longer fight to find the right belt for your combination when you can easily measure up a belt, get a belt that's close, and fine-tune the installation using the adjustability built into the OE Flex Drive for a perfect fit with the tensioner every time.

For High Mount AC compatibility, Please look at our "LSA Flex Drive" listed on our website.

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