OE LSA Flex Drive Tensioner Bracket with Adjustable Cloverleaf

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Billet OE Flex Drive LSA Adjustable Tensioner Bracket, This is a direct replacement for the now discontinued GM LSA Tensioner bracket GM part Number 12606500

This Tensioner bracket features our unique eight-position cloverleaf adjuster

  • Unique cloverleaf indexable tensioner mount allows the LSA Belt tensioner to be rotated to put the tensioner in the sweet spot of the tensioner. (Eight .075 incremental adjustments on tensioner housing gauge.  The thickness of a nickel) for a total of 1.5 inches of adjustment 
  • Designed to to used with our OE LSA Adjustable Triple Idler assembly But also compatible with the Factory Idler and aftermarket LSA idler brackets like the DSX Triple Idler (3 inches of belt length adjustment when used with our OE LSA Adjustable Triple Idler)
  • NOT Compatible with High Mount AC

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