DSX Tuning LSA Triple Idler for Blower Drive

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This triple idler system is intended for the LSA blower drive. It includes three 65mm idler pulleys with enough width to handle up to a 12-rib belt as well as Grade 10.9 hardware (except for the lowermost mounting bolt which will use a stock bolt). This bracket and idler system is intended to provide superior belt wrap around the blower pulley, the crank pulley, and the tensioner pulley. This is compatible with the ARS upgraded tensioner. Installation on a CTS-V will require removal of the fans and will make belt changes difficult due to limited clearance. Total belt length increases roughly 2" compared to what the standard length is for a traditional belt routing, but you will need to double check that the belt you use is the appropriate length.

Due to the extreme nature of the environment these will be used in, we do not offer a warranty beyond craftsmanship errors on this product.