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LSA Gilmer Drive


LSA Gilmer Drive


As many of you already know, LSX Concepts has been at the forefront of Muscle Car LSA accessory drive kits for some time. As always, we strive to innovate while moving forward. We realized the need for an LSA drive system that allowed the use of High Mount A/C so there would be no need for frame modifications to fit the LSA in your classic muscle car.

We currently have two LSA accessory drive kits on the market and now a third in development. Our Standard LSA/ZL1 Accessory self-tension drive kit for your street machine/muscle car is reminiscent of the simplest 6-71 blowers drives found on muscle cars and drag cars of the 50's, 60's and 70's. It's a perfect fit for your show car, and weekend fun car running a basically stock LSA configuration.  

For our more performance oriented customers wanting overdrive pulleys options and taking the LSA supercharger to its limits on the street we developed our LSA Heavy Duty Race Drive. The Heavy Duty Race Drive has performed well beyond our expectations. Its flexible design accommodates the change in pulley sizes while increasing the upper pulley belt wrap where it's needed. It's perfect for your Autocross/Road/Endurance race car utilizing a rigid belt tension system with 2 idler pulleys.

Always move forward, we felt we needed to explore the 6-71 belt drive style that partly influenced by our original LSA/Zl1 accessory drive kit for the street. We took it to the next step by developing an LSA Gilmer Drive system. During the design phase of the project, we decide to create a no-slip Gilmer drive as cost effective as possible for the performance enthusiast. With that concept in mind, we created a design to accommodate the switch over while still keeping the price affordable and maintaining the ability to use high mount A/C Our LSA Gilmer drive upper pulley is designed to bolt directly to a Lingenfelter 10 Bolt ZL1/LSA pulley hub. Often, customers pushing their superchargers to the limit already are using overdrive pulleys and already have a 10 bolt hub installed on their LSA superchargers.

Our lower LSA Gilmer Drive pulley will bolt directly to an ATI Super Damper PN# 918854 ,917278, or 917266 or the Lingenfelter LSA/ZL1 Harmonic Balancer PN# L220050709 Being cost conscious, by using existing components in the marketplace would limit the number dampeners changed and superchargers that would have to re-machined to fit yet another pulley hub. The LSA Gilmer drive is currently available in stock, 3%, 7%, 10%, 14%, 18%, 20%, 25%, 29% overdrive ratio's using an 8MM HTD 2 inch wide belt.

By Greg R.