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LSX Block's - Standard Deck and Tall Deck

One of the biggest hurdles with building a tall deck LSX block is finding the right accessory drive brackets to fit the tall deck block, The LSX Concepts LS brackets have been specifically designed to fit both standard and tall deck LSX blocks similar to the RHS or GM LSX Bowtie Block. We designed our accessory drive brackets to fit multiple deck heights. Our bracket will accommodate anything from the standard deck (9.200) to the taller decks (9.700) of the LSX blocks. It doesn't matter if you are running a junkyard LS1/LS3 or a 9.700 deck height LSX block. Our LS brackets have slotted bolts holes matching the lower block-mounting bosses to accommodate virtually any deck height for the LSX block. 

LSX Block features and benefits

The LSX block comes in many flavors from standard deck height to 9.720 semi finished deck height and cast from 400mPa tensile-strength iron making it the perfect foundation for a boosted LSX engine.
  • Standard deck semi-finished (9.260 deck height, 3.880 bore) – GM Part Number #19260093
  • Tall deck semi-finished (9.720 deck height, 3.880 bore) – GM Part Number #19260100
  • Standard deck, finished block (9.200 deck height, 4.065-inch bores) – GM Part Number #19260095
  • Standard deck, finished block (9.200 deck height, 4.185-inch bores) – GM Part Number #19260099
Additional LSX block features include:
  • Six-bolts-per-cylinder head bolt pattern
  • Accommodates all LS-series oil pans and oil pumps
  • Billet-steel six-bolt dowel-located main bearing caps
  • Accommodates wet-sump or dry-sump oiling systems
  • Extra-thick deck for maximum clamping force
  • Maintains production exterior accessory mounting provisions
  • Extra-thick cylinder walls allow increased bore capacity
  • Maximum 4.200-inch bore still allows 0.200-inch minimum wall thickness
  • Priority main oiling system
  • Main web bay-to-bay breathing holes reduce crank wind-age
  • Orange powder coat finish
  • Machined bore at 3.880 is ready for final boring/honing.
Link: Stronger LSX Bowtie blocks for Boost ready LSX376 engines

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