-6 AN Power Steering Hose - Blue

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Power steering systems pose their own unique set of problems, and the best way to manage the power steering system is with the FPS Power Steering Hose and Fittings. The heart of this system is a specially designed three-braid hose that will withstand the pressure spikes caused by engine RPM and the resistance on the wheels. The special zinc plated steel fittings are easily assembled and are reusable.

Hose Size:
-6 AN
PTFE Lined: No
Outer Material: Braided fiber
Hose Color: Blue
Hose Material: Rubber
Hose Inside Diameter (in.): 0.375 in.
Hose Outside Diameter: 0.680 in.
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi): 2,250 psi
Burst Pressure (psi): 9000 psi
Min. Bend Radius: 3-1/2 inches
Fluid Type: Power steering


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