Aeroflow Barb to AN Adapter - 3/4 Barb To -12AN

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No welding… no clamps… no hassle with this unique O-ring design. This revolutionary fitting allows you to convert any barb, plastic or metal, over to the ever-popular range of AN style fittings in our inventory. Sizes range from 5/16" to 3/4" Barb. Which accommodates a variety of electric oil and fuel pumps.

Some applications may require trimming of the barb for the fitting to slide over

Ideal for converting your LSA Intercooler pump to AN fittings

(For detailed instructions with pictures, click the link above.)

1. Undo the fitting and lay it out. Then slide the base of the fitting over the barb.
2. Lube up the O-ring thoroughly with an appropriate lubricant. Carefully not to tear, slide the O-ring over the barb’s edges. The O-ring must seat against the lowest barb edge.
3. Whilst holding the bottom half of the fitting to ensure the O-ring does not move from its seated position. Slide the top half over the barb and tighten.

Do not over tighten! Only a snug fit is required till the fitting does not slide up or down.

Lubricating the O-ring before assembly will make it easier to slide over the barb without tearing.