Holley LSA High-Mount A/C Idler Relocation Kit

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Holley High Mount AC Bracket Upper idler relocation bracket kit to allow the use of LSX Concepts LSA Supercharger Race drive kits with the Holley High Mount AC Bracket.

Our unique bracket kit will move the upper AC idler pulley 1-3/4 closer towards engine center line and 50MM tensioner idler moving the 6 rib accessory belt away from the LSA Supercharger bracket mounting location. This kit will use your existing upper idler pulley included in the Holley AC kit. A longer belt will be required.

Included In Kit

  • Modified GM Tensioner with 50MM Tensioner Pulley
  • Main Relocation Bracket
  • Rear Support Bracket
  • Short and Long Spacers
  • Hardware (3 Hex Screws, Washers, and Nylon Lock Nut)

NOT INCLUDED - REQUIRED - 15MM Longer 6 Rib Serpentine Belt

You will need a 15MM longer 6 rib belt, if your kit included a 2550MM belt, you will need to purchase a 2565MM belt to use this kit

This Kit has been confirmed to fit the 20-134 kits with SD7 and SD508 Compressor bracket, we are unable to make this work with the R4 compressor due to the compressor size and location of the tensioner

Installation Instruction - Click Here