LSA Race Drive to Flex Drive Upgrade

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Prototype Pictured, Final Product May Vary.

Kits are expected to ship Mid April

This kit is designed to take your LSA Race Drive kit and upgrade to the New Flex Drive. 

By default, the kit will ONLY include the 54MM pulley needed for the Tensioner. You can optionally buy new race drive idler pulleys if you want to upgrade pulley size (example: upgrading from 8 rib to 10 rib)

This kit will allow you to install the serpentine belt at full tension with the front cover removed just like the LSA Flex Drive and adds the much-needed Factory LSA tensioner into the drive system for applications exceeding 1000+ HP


  • This kit will provide you with six adjustments for the lower idler pulley position, each position is worth about 1/4 Inch on belt length for a total of 1.625 inches of adjustment.
  • Unique cloverleaf indexable tensioner mount allows the LSA Belt tensioner to be rotated to put the tensioner in the sweet spot of the tensioner. (Eight .075 incremental adjustments on tensioner housing gauge. The thickness of a nickel)
  • Compatible with Factory and aftermarket LSA Tensioners (note: with an ARS tensioner pulley the maximum lower pulley size is 9.00)
  • Belt can be installed with front cover removed
  • Support for up to a 10.00 Lower Pulley

What's Included In The Kit

  • Billet Slotted Retainer (1.625 inches of belt adjustment)
  • M10 Threaded Pulley retainers
  • Low Mount Tensioner Bracket with our Cloverleaf Adjuster (1.500 inches of belt adjustment)
  • 54MM Tensioner Pulley
  • New Mounting Block
  • Required hardware to install

What's Optional On this kit

  • LSA Race Drive Idler pulleys
  • Factory LSA Tensioner

Installation Requirements

  • Your LSA Race Drive must have been manufactured in the last few years and have a 12MM Slotted bolt hole (to verify you can check the hex nut size on the slotted screw it will be a 17MM nut)
  • All three idler pulleys must have a 17MM bearing ID
  • Call to verify upgrade eligibility if you are unsure