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What do I need to do for an LSA/ZL1 supercharger swap - Part 2


What do I need to do for an LSA/ZL1 supercharger swap - Part 2


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  1. Water Pump:

    There is currently only one compatible water pump for the LSA/ZL1 drive system. So if you have a pullout engine you probably already have the right water pump on your engine. If you are piecing together a LSA then you will need the AC Delco 19180610 water pump for your engine.  This pump is on Corvette spacing and has 4 threaded 8MM bosses for mounting the LSA drive system to the pump body.

    AC Delco LSA/ZL1 Water Pump - 19180610
  2. Crank Pulley

    The LSA/ZL1 uses a crank pulley with both a 6 rib and an 8 rib serpentine pulley, while most pull out and crate engines will come with a crank pulley. If you’re doing a ZL1/LSA supercharger swap onto a normally aspirated engine you will need either a factory crank pulley or an aftermarket crank pulley compatible with the LSA.  While the stock pulley will be more than adequate for most applications the aftermarket crank pulley has a huge advantage in that it does have a separate 8 rib pulley that attaches to the crank pulley with a few bolts allowing you to easily upgrade to an overdrive pulley to squeeze the supercharger for more power. This is something you should consider if you want to upgrade in the future, while it does cost more upfront to go aftermarket. It may save you some money in the long run.

    Compatible LSA/ZL1 Crank Pulleys
  3. Supercharger Drive

    Now we are getting to the nitty gritty, how to drive the supercharger. There are a lot of options here, Stock components, LSX Concepts drive systems, or some drive system from those other guys who use a single belt system (see article name/link) .

    This is a subject we like to say we have the right solution for you. While GM has a great drive system, it does have some draw backs because it was designed for ease of maintenance. When it comes to performance applications and high mount accessories the GM stuff just doesn’t work.

    LSX Concepts took the time and developed three different drive systems for the LSA and all three are compatible with the stock accessories and high mount accessory drive systems including high mount A/C kits from LSX Concepts.

    1: Our standard LSA supercharger drive is a great starting point and is great for a pull out or crate engine using the stock supercharger pulleys and is good to about the 550-600HP range. Please note that it is not compatible with manifold adapter plates or overdrive pulleys.

    2: The LSA Race drive is the next step-up from our standard drive kit and allows more performance options with purpose built engines making power well up into the 1200HP+ range with a high amount of belt wrap and no belt slip caused by a bouncing spring loaded belt tensioner.

    The LSA Race drive uses a unique rigid tension system keeping the belt tight at all times through the RPM range eliminating the need of a spring loaded tensioner and is one of our most popular and universally compatible LSA/ZL1 supercharger drive systems out there. It is compatible with all late model vehicle’s running LSA/ZL1 superchargers as well as old muscle cars and other popular vehicle swaps and is the most compact drive unit on the market today.

    3: The LSA Gilmer Drive is the final drive system which provides absolutely no belt slip and is geared towards drag racers and true die-hard's who love the classic sound and style of the old GMC Gilmer drive blowers. It uses a 8MM HTD Drive pulley with a 2 inch wide belt providing maximum grip on the pulleys with no belt slip possible.

    LSA/ZL1 Drive Kits (supercharger Only)
    LSA/ZL1 Complete Drive Systems
By Greg R.