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Why don’t you make a Truck or GTO kit for the LSA?


Why don’t you make a Truck or GTO kit for the LSA?


These are questions we get asked a lot…

Why don’t you make a truck or GTO kit for the LSA? Or what do I need to run a LSA supercharger with my Truck/GTO accessories?

I felt it was time we took a minute and address this topic since I know a number of our competitors have popped up selling kits using truck spacing while running all the accessories and supercharger on one 6 rib or 8 rib belt that supports a high mount A/C with the LSA

The first thing you should know is all Micro-V Belts require a minimum belt tension to operate normally as recommended by the belt manufactures.  The 6 rib belt commonly used to drive most accessories like the alternator, water pump, and power steering pump is recommended to be in the 90-125 ft. lbs. measured with a belt tension gauge.   The 8 rib belt which normally runs the supercharger requires 160-240 ft. lbs.

The increased pulley tension using an 8 rig belt on the accessories will prematurely wear out the bearings in the accessories that are not designed to run at the higher belt tensions. GM spent millions of dollars developing the LSA supercharger and there is a reason it is on its own belt. The LSA supercharger requires more tension on the pulley to maintain greater grip.  It takes more horsepower to turn the supercharger then the other components.  Having multiple components on the same belt can overload a single belt, making it slip and stretch costing efficiency from the LSA Supercharger.

Running a truck spacing LSA also limits what crank pulleys you can run without overdriving all the accessories. You are basically limited to running a stock diameter crank pulley.  If you wish to overdrive the crank pulley it’s recommended to under-drive the accessories which can be quite costly in replacing the accessory pulleys.  While it may not sound like a big deal to overdrive your accessories, it is.  You should not do it without expecting accessory failures.

You can run a upper overdrive pulleys on the supercharger but most truck spacing kits are limited to just a few upper pulleys you can run.  In the future if you want to run more overdrive on the supercharger, you are limited to a small selection of upper pulleys that are available to work with your kit.

While we are on the subject of pulleys we should also pay attention to belt wrap on both the supercharger pulley and the crank pulley.  Without mentioning names, one of our competitors has a really nice billet system using truck spacing that only wraps ¼ of the crank pulley with the belt. This is not an efficient performance design.   If you’re just showing your car and bench racing, by all means use this kit, it looks great.

At LSX Concepts we designed our kits with the performance enthusiast in mind.  We like to go fast and make lots of power and we want to see you do the same. Our LSA Race Drive kit provides extreme amounts of belt wrap on both the crank pulley and supercharger pulley using a dedicated 8 rib belt with a rigid tensioning system.  It can be set to the optimal desired 160-240ft lbs. belt tension while allowing you the flexibility of running any overdrive pulley combination you wish on both the crankshaft and the supercharger.

So do you want to just look cool????  Or make lots of power and be cool!!!  You make the decision.

By Greg R.
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