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LSA/ZL1 Supercharger Heavy Duty Race Drive 8 Rib (Ver 1.8)
LSA/ZL1 Supercharger Heavy Duty Race Drive 8 Rib (Ver 1.8)
LSA/ZL1 Supercharger Heavy Duty Race Drive 8 Rib (Ver 1.8)

LSA/ZL1 Supercharger Heavy Duty Race Drive 8 Rib (Ver 1.8)

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The LSA /ZL1 Supercharger Heavy Duty Race Drive design is specifically for the LSA/ZL1 supercharged engines used in extreme applications. The unique Race Drive pulley positions are optimized to provide extreme belt wrap to avoid slippage under heavy loads during racing and extreme usage.

Installation Requirements:

  • On engines not running high mount A/C or running Low Mount A/C
    • you will need to use a GM tensioner part number 12628025 (this is the standard LSA 6 rib tensioner for the Alternator and power steering which bolts to the two main bolt bosses on the left side of the LSA/ZL1 water pump) with a smaller 6 rib pulley to clear the race drive
    • you will need to purchase the LSX-419604


  • Recomended for LSA Supercharged engines making up to 800HP
  • Double shear pulley mounting greatly reducing axle flexing.
  • Provides maximum belt wrap that won't slip at sustained high engine speeds.
  • Supports virtually any know upper and lower overdrive pulley used individually or in combination. It allows up to a 10 inch lower crank pulley and any overdrive upper pulley (stock 3", 2.85", 2.55", 2.38", etc...)
  • Rigid belt tension with unique tension setter.
  • Supports both standard deck and tall deck applications including blocks with manifold spacers.
  • Direct bolt on.
  • Not intended to replace our simple, ever popular Self Tensioning Design used for high-performance applications. (LSA / ZL1 Supercharger Accessory Drive kit)
  • Compatible with our Corvette Spacing High Mount A/C and Alternator and Power Steering Bracket Kits, Also Compatible with GM Factory and Aftermarket Corvette Spaced Accessory drive kits with or without low mount A/C

What's Included:

  • Mounting bracket and all attachment hardware required for race drive
  • 3 Pulleys (1 - 8 rib and 2 - smooth idler pulleys shown in picture)
  • Front and rear mounting plates
  • Belt adjustment tool
  • Dayco Belt Tension Gauge
  • tailors tape measure for determining proper belt length

Additional Info:

  • How to use your Dayco Belt tension Gauge (Link)
  • Installation Instructions (Download)

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